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"New thinking - new model - new business"

Asiantuntijatalo - agile and effective operator improving business and people.

Asiantuntijatalo has new business model that enables efficiency to our customers. 
With us you´ll always have the best experts working for the benefit of your organisation.
We see that success comes with knowledge and understanding of the business and the human mind.

There are several ways to reach results. It´s proven to be important to perceive the big picture.
Yet it is essential to recognise the critical aspects to be improved at day-to-day work.
Our people are experienced top professionals and ambitious to improve our customers` business.
The network offers our clients the best possible expert team.
Working in an innovative way we are always ready to create new methods when needed.

Business and people are requirements of success, we do consider them both.

Major executions:

Strategy process and implementing cultural change in organisation
Excellent customer experience
Management and leadership programs
Influencing and communication skills
Sales skills

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tel +358 10 2291090